Japanese intern speak about her experience at SNRC

My name is Miki Koka. I came from Japan. I am a university 4th grade student, final year and I will start working from next year. I major in politics, especially Japanese diplomacy after the WWII. This is the first time to come to India. The reason why I came to Bangalore is to get deep culture experiences. I’d like to learn India and tell them about Japan and Japanese. The experience at Sakuraa School was a perfect choice to my demand. I joined Sakuraa Nihongo resource centre Japanese language school as an intern for three weeks. I taught Japanese and Japanese culture to students three or four times a week. On the other hand(In return) my students and Sakuraa school staffs taught me Indian culture such as how to drape the sari ,how to cook delicious curry, Yoga, and their custom, religion and so on. More over I could learn Indian people’s senses of values and opinions through each Japanese Class. The Sakuraa Japanese School is the wonderful place to study Japanese.
There are two reasons, Firstly a high quality teaching and. Mrs.Srividhya who visited Japan in 2009 , is really enthusiastic about teaching Japanese to students.
Secondly, it is the interactive education.
At the class a face to face communication between teachers and students activate the development of student’s skills. Also hard working students help each other to develop their own talents. In Sakuraa cozy class, you can learn Japanese on their own paces in small group through interactive education. I really thanks to Sakuraa school for giving me a wonderful experiences. I could learn some parts of Indian culture and sense of values in these three weeks. And about the relationship between India and Japan, it has just begun and there are many possibilities for improving it. I strongly believe that not only the diplomatic relations but also the private communication and understanding between two countries is really important for developing our relationships. I hope that more people of both countries are interested in each other and learn it and make a strong bond between them. The Sakuraa give us such an exchanged cultural experience by teaching Japanese, encourage a local talents and helps deepening the relationship .