Learning Japanese – What’s in it for home makers ?

Apologies for the long gap! Any way, lets us now get back to the next topic on hand.

This is about Learning Japanese – for our “Home Makers”.

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“Home Makers “ – Honestly I think this is a nice expression, which however falls short in terms of precisely conveying the immense contribution they make to each home & collectively to the country. Well there are “men” homemakers too (though rare!!) These intelligent folks who are very creative & responsible, nurture every home & silently carry the burden of running households. There comes a time in their life when they start feeling that they are missing out on their career. This inexplicable feeling could stem out of a variety of factors, including peer pressure from the neighborhood (you know what I mean!). Many of them have good education (may not be professional degrees) & know they are good at work but are somehow caught in this pincer of striking a balance between the home & a prospective job (which can be very demanding).

I will not dwell into regular job options, since that is not the focus here. In any case I am sure no one enjoys picking up their bags in the morning & travelling a few hours & then repeating the same on the return & ending up dead tired in the evening. Of course there is the question of how much energy would one have at the end of this to attend to other chores.

So what can be a good career plan that our home makers can look at? Wouldn’t it be good if they can spend a few hours every day , which might not be difficult to spare, pick up solid skills over a period of time. Qualify & equip oneself progressively over time. Then as things stabilize at home (e.g. child /children go to regular school full time) they can choose to leverage these skills either from home or part time. Most importantly this could also get them the comfort of good “moolah” on hand (without which all of this is meaning less!) . As matters pan out further in life they have the great option of considering a full time job , if they wish, without seeming like they have compromised or had a major break in career!

..to be continued..on 4th Sept 2013

In the meanwhile watch these videos of homemakers (click on the Learn Japanese link at the end). Three eminent home makers one is is an architect by qualification, the other an engineer & the third one a commerce graduate. As home makers what must have weighed in their minds when they decided to Learn Japanese at Sakuraa Nihongo resource Centre? They  may inspire you to  Learn Japanese 

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