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Learning Japanese – JLPT EXAM TIPS!


learn japaneseLEVELS N3/N2/N1

The last test is to clear the JLPT exams, which is round the corner! Clearing JLPT exam means great preparation, a ton of diligent work & practice. As far as the exams are concerned, it would be very helpful to have some valuable tips from the masters. Such tips have made the difference between success & failure in many cases. Here we  have Matsumoto  Sensei of Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center offering his best tips for the JLPT exams N1-N2-N3 Levels.

For Level N2...more tips from Rui Sensei!


For those appearing for the JLPT N4 & N3 levels, we have more tips ! Check out Rui Sensei & Tateishi Sensei of Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center offering their best tips here.

Warm wishes from Sakuraa for the JLPT examination!


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 Free Japanese Language Training – Approx 600 Hours!

[caption id="attachment_3" align="alignleft" width="110"]Japanese Classes at Sakuraa Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre[/caption]

CSR Initiative:

Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts (TKAP) & Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (SNRC) Bangalore:

[su_highlight background="#f2fb05"]Free Japanese Language Training: JLPT N3 - for Underprivileged & Unemployed youth:[/su_highlight] [su_divider]Introduction:  Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts (TKAP), is a very reputed auto parts manufacturing company based at Bidadi near Bangalore, India, established in 2002 is a joint venture amongst,
  • Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
  • Toyota Industries Corporation, Japan
  • Kirloskar Systems Limited, India
TKAP manufactures,
  • Axles & Shafts
  • Transmissions
  • Engines
and supplies to TOYOTA companies locally & globally. Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (SNRC) is a premier Japanese Language service provider since the year 2000 (www.snrc.co.in  www.learnjapanesewell.com  www.japanesetoenglish.org www.japaneselanguagejobs.com ) TKAP & SNRC are happy to announce the launch of a CSR initiative targeted at the underprivileged & unemployed youth (Indian Citizens). Details of which are as below. Initiative Details: -        We plan to provide [su_highlight background="#f3f14f"]free of cost[/su_highlight], full time JLPT N3 level training to a few youths who meet the criteria mentioned below. JLPT – N3 is a qualification obtained by clearing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test examination (N3 Level) conducted by the Japan foundation every year. For details regarding JLPT examinations etc pls click here . -        JLPT certification is valid GLOBALLY & can open up excellent career opportunities for those  who would like to make a career in this line. -        Clarifications on Why learn Japanese // What salary can one expect (to start with) etc have been provided in detail in our blog. The same may be viewed by clicking on the respective links here (in green colour). [su_highlight background="#d5ff99"] - Most importantly, JLPT training can normally be a very expensive & can take anywhere between 1.5 to 2 years. [/su_highlight] [su_highlight background="#d5ff99"]- Thus, this CSR initiative compresses the entire training to a full time intensive one to complete in about 3 months (approx), which is extremely beneficial to the selected candidate.[/su_highlight] - Selected  candidates  would therefore get a very substantial benefit in speed launching their Japanese Language career completely free of cost#.  Qualification Criteria (all to be met): - Indian citizen. - Age as on application date, not over 25 years. - Not employed anywhere (full time or part time). - Min educational qualification: PUC & above. - Expertise (read & write & speak) in any Indian mother tongue AND working knowledge of English is a must. - Dependent on parents. - Parents combined annual salary to not exceed Rs Two Lakhs per annum. - Must be continuously available for a full time training program starting 1st Sept to 1st week Dec 2014. - Must be fully committed to writing the JLPT Examination in December 2014. - Selected candidates must sign an engagement letter with us as a pre-requisite to join the program.  Application Process: -        Detailed Résumé to be emailed along with a simple application to info@snrc.co.in OR couriered to reach Ms Rama (Ops In charge) 2nd Floor, No 1, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560055. Please provide all contact details for us to get in touch with the shortlisted candidate. -        Document copies to be attached with the Résumé
  • Relevant academic qualification AND
  • Credible proof of meeting the economic criteria AND
  • Date of Birth proof
-        Resume + documents to be sent only by e-mail or courier. -        Mail subject/ Courier envelop superscription MUST state APPLICATION FOR TKAP – SNRC – CSR Initiative. -        [su_highlight background="#f6f940"]Last date for receipt of application – 27th Aug 2014[/su_highlight] [su_divider] # Selected Candidates must make their own arrangement for boarding/ lodging/ travel to & fro to our office in Malleswaram, Bangalore during the entire tenure of the training program & also pay the JLPT examination fees. ~ This is only a training program initiative & makes no job guarantees/ offer of any nature either with TKAP OR SNRC.


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 Professional English training program

We are happy to inform you that we are starting "professional English training program". Please find the course details. Topics: 1.Eng vocabulary a.Homonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms & Metaphors b.Using the above in sentences 2.Idiomatic Phrases. a.Situational uses of phrases in Eng language will be taught 3.Formal Letter writing. 4.One minute topics (game)- Related vocabulary will be given & ability to form sentences on their own will be assessed. 5.Newspaper Headlines 6.Descriptive Topics & Discussion – In the form of debates will be encouraged. Duration - 30 hours - Saturdays 10:30 AM To 1:30 PM. - Min Batch size – Five - Cost per participant – Rs 9750/ Contact us @ Contact person:Sri Vidhya

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 Free Seminar- New Study Opportunities in Japan

Greatest appeal of studying in Japan is its academic environment where you can select programs from various sophisticated disciplines including state of the art technology and acquire knowledge that enabled Japan’s phenomenal growth. 13 Leading Universities are here in Bangalore to talk to you. Do not miss this rare opportunity (Its free). Sunday , Jan 30th 2011, 1 PM to 5 PM, Taj Residency, 41/3, MG Road, Bangalore Participating Universities Tohoku University/ University of Tsukuba/ The University of Tokyo/ Nagoya University/ Kyoto University/ Osaka University/ Kyushu University/ Keio University/ Sophia University/ Meiji University/ Waseda University/ Doshisha University/ Ritsumeikan University

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 Japanese Translation Ethics

Unethical behavior for the japanese translation profession can be in many forms. Japanese translators are usually on deadlines with clients or projects and it's important to be truthful to your service and client in terms of what you can accomplish in a given time. If you come to terms with a client and agree to finish a job by a certain deadline, it is unethical to decide not to complete that job or not complete it on time without the knowledge of the client. They usually have deadlines and target time as well, and not respecting those is not only bad for business, but is also unethical.

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 Learn Japanese Online

If the time is running out and you just don't have enough time to learn Japanese in a traditional method, then you'd most probably benefit from online Japanese lessons. Learning japanese language online is very easy for many persons as it has its benefits.If you categorized those benefits are 24 x7 Availability, learning from home, do it at your own leisure, suitable in with your daily schedule, no time limitation, very cost effective and affordable in your budget.The Japanese characters don't look anything like our alphabet (because they're not), and the words themselves sound much different than English (because they are). But just because the language is different doesn't mean it's impossible to learn; 130 million Japanese speak it every day. If you are learning Japanese for business or you want to start your career as japanese translator, consider Best Institute for business Japanese video lesson by native person which will help you and your business prospect. If you will go to learn japanese you will find Japanese has four writing systems. Hiragana, Katakana, (Rômaji) and Kanji. Begin studying all three writing styles early on if literacy is important for your purpose of learning the language. Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) can be learned in a few weeks and you can use them to write anything you want, all in Japanese. These are some four phrase that you can learn in japanese language phrase. If you need to speak and understand conversational Japanese from basic to intermediate level, then you need to learn more than just a few basic Japanese phrases.If you want to be expert in japanese language you will complete the JLPT N5, N4 & N3 Program. Writing and speaking the Japanese language is its most essential aspect, and not reading and writing as most people would like us to believe. You will have always huge advantage over other people traveling to Japan who do not speak the language and it depend upon you that how you want to use your Japanese language skills.

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 What important factor you should know when learning the Japanese language.

You should learn Japanese language which is third largest economy in the world. But how you can learn easily and how it will boost you career. Learning a second language is a very challenging activity. A lot of the students are drawn to the exciting challenge of learning Japanese. One of the biggest decision early on in your studies is why you choose only Japanese language lesson why not other language. If you are going to learn any language course you should know about how it will give you benefits We are giving some most important factor that why you should learn japanese. 1-Japan has second biggest economy in the world. 2-Learn Japanese give you better option of your career and create opportunities. 3-Japan is the third largest language used from the Internet. 4-You can work as a freelancer or can work for translation agencies. 5-Japanese has lot of similarities with the Indian language. Now after the knowing of this much point you will think that where i can get the best tutor and best learning material for japanese language lesson.Since everybody has a different learning style, it can be difficult to find Japanese language lessons that are best suited to your individual preferences. Many of the people are very visual learners, some need to hear things, others find that reading suits them best. It has been already proved that a combination of content works best for retention though, regardless of your personal learning strength. Most important point is where should you go to search a Japanese language video lesson program that engages multiple learning methods with all of fun? Books can't do it alone, nor can audio CD's, . The best option is one of the newer computer-based Japanese Video lesson programs. These programs can be entirely online ,easy to register and best point is you can learn at any time when you want 24x7 on web . Japanese Language Video programs are available in a broad range of formats, and the prices range from free to several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Apparently your budget is a primary discussion for picking the program that you would like to use. The fees structure is a major advantage over Japanese language lessons in a class or with a private tutor as that can get very pricey, quite fast. So we desgined Business Japanese Video lesson by NATIVE PERSON(Japanese Native).This Video lesson would help the learn japanese for all kind of business persons and students. If you want to know more please visit us -http://snrc.co.in/html/japanese-video-lessons.htm

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 Why Japanese to english translation required for the business ?

If you want to maintain a good relationship with your Japanese business partner the most important factor is language. So when you are sending any product catalog, business documents or any business samples to a Japanese company, you need to enclose some specific documents in his own language. If you want to complete the documents to do the Japanese translation you need to learn about the language a bit. but if you are looking for any professional translator company you need to identify some major factor to start a language translation business. Because Japanese translators are usually paid by the each and every word. So, speed and accuracy are huge factors in your success. 1-Company background Check 2-Are they served translation service for any business corporate or any large Organization 3-Sample of the document which they used for the Japanese translation 4- Make sure that the professional Japanese translator is fluent in this language and understands the words 5-Certificates of accuracy or witness statements which are needed by special authorities 6- And the most important factor is the price should be reasonable and affordable. Because many of the company's offer the good accuracy and best result but they are not able to deliver the project with good accuracy rate and if you are going for any business documentation,technical documentation or Japanese legal documentation you should careful know about each and every single word. Many are the Japanese translation organizations working within various continents across the world and a lot of businesses are mistook on choosing the right translation business.If you are looking for any Japanese translation organization the best way is to check for organizations that are can deliver accuracy productions in given established due date.

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