Time To Choose A Lucrative Career Path!

No this is not one of those persuasions to push a college program to a +2 pass out!

LEARNING JAPANESEThis article is based on solid evidence & goes to prove how learning Japanese is increasingly being adopted as a main stream & lucrative career. If you are at  cross roads of deciding on a “non mainstream career” (viz, outside of engg, law, medicine etc), here is some solid fodder! Learning Japanese involves getting certified by Japan foundation across five levels. These levels start from JLPT N5 (entry) to JLPT N1 (highest). It is instructive to remember that in India most of the Japanese related job opportunities start at the JLPT N3 level. With an JLPT N2 certification things begin to further look attractive in terms of role, designation & of course (Rs) !learning japaneseAn analysis of Japanese CVs# reveal some very interesting data. The table below provides a brief analysis
Streams % Across all JLPT Levels % of L3* & N3 % of L2* & N2
ARTS & COMMERCE (Includes BBA & MBA) 54 48 54
PURE SCIENCE & COMP SC(Includes BCS & MCA) 16 22 11
ENGG 25 16 23
Others 5 14 12
*L3 & L2 were part of the previous level classification given by Japan Foundation. For this analysis they have been clubbed with N3 & N2 respectively. # These CVs are part of our own bilingual database of employed candidates.
Inferences:learning japanese
  1. Over half of the candidates at the JLPT N2/L2 level are Arts & Commerce graduates.
  2. Nearly half of  the candidates at the JLPT N3/L3 level are Arts & Commerce graduates.
  • So those dithering on pursuing an Arts & Commerce graduation program should seriously consider this data.
  1. Learning Japanese is immensely benefitting Pure Science graduates too. A JLPT N3/N2 certification takes a pure science graduate to a completely different career plane.
  2. Very interesting to note that nearly a fourth of the JLPT N2 level candidates are engineers. This means learning Japanese is adding more punch to their technical careers.
Thus the obvious take away for students, especially the + 2 pass outs is this. Today there are very strong reasons to pursue non mainstream courses. Learning Japanese gives such candidates a fantastic career that has immense flexibility, opportunities & of course a lot of money.  To learn Japanese reach us  Tel  8904390300 +918023464677,  | Email: info@snrc.co.in


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 Learn Japanese – Skill in Kannada will help learn Japanese better.

1st Nov 2014: learn japaneseKannada Rajyothsavada Shubashaigalu! Many of us admire Kannada, for all the right reason! Today is a day to reflect on that yet again. At this juncture how would it be if one could put ones’ Kannada knowledge to good effect in building a good career in Japanese language? Does   it sound improbable or weird? No it is not!  Read on… Kannada , like many Indian mothers tongues, carries a grammar structure very similar to Japanese  language (unlike English). The S-O-V (Subject – Object – Verb ) structure of Kannada & Japanese is similar.  Watch this video to understand this better. So competence in Kannada can easily translate into better learning of Japanese. Surprisingly many prospective Japanese learners think that learning Japanese would need a command over English language! It goes without saying that in today’s globalized world, it certainly helps having a good control over English. However the point is that there are many who have excelled in learning Japanese despite drawbacks with their English, by leveraging their native language strengths! This actually is a very important point for prospective Japanese language learners to note. Quite frankly its doesn’t matter how good one’s English is.  One needn’t be diffident on this score. Learning Japanese can take off based on the learner’s native mother tongue strengths. Why is this important?? Many career opportunities around Japanese language skills are opening up. There is a significant demand for Japanese language skills.  Read this to  understand career opportunities, salaries etc for those with Japanese language skills.  Read this to get an idea of the Japanese job market in India.   After all nothing like hearing from a student who would fit this story above! Watch him talk about it (its in Kannada!) Done ? Like to learn Japanese? Reach us here.



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 Online Japanese @ Sakuraa – Learn Japanese in the ambience of your house!

Online Japanese Classes

[su_column size="1/1"][su_quote]How often have you left yourselves disappointed!You would like to learn Japanese, but cant see to make it.[/su_quote] [/su_column]   [caption id="attachment_3" align="alignleft" width="110"]Online Japanese at Sakuraa Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre[/caption] Week days are busy with your ever expanding routine chores. Travelling seems a nightmare anyway. Or you possibly are located in a place with no access to quality Japanese tutors. So here is a solution for you! "OJaS" - Online Japanese at Sakuraa has been designed exclusively for people like you. This gives you the comfort of learning Japanese from the leader in Japanese training , without the hassles of travelling & wasting time! So what are you waiting for ? Check this out http://www.learnjapanesewell.com/online-japanese-classes-sakuraa.html & give us a call right away.



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 New Batch – JLPT N5 – Classes!

Learn Japanese!

  So.... if you have read this post , then you probably should be ready to take the plunge to reward yourselves with a great career. Get started right away!!! Next batch - JLPT N5 Training – Starts on 2nd March Sunday, 10 AM @ Malleswaram, Bangalore. For joining/ further details pls call 080 23464677 / Email to info@snrc.co.in    

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 Japanese Emperor’s Visit – What does it mean to Japanese learners?

Learning Japanese & Japanese Job Opportunities

[caption id="attachment_3" align="alignleft" width="110"]Learn Japanese translation Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre[/caption] We have repeatedly emphasized that Learning Japanese can be an excellent career option. Please check out the archives of Jul, Aug & October. Here is some great news which further reinforces our view & significantly opens up opportunities for Japanese skilled personnel. The level of economic cooperation between the our two countries is clearly on the rise. [su_highlight background="#fdf914"]The recent visit of Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko - at the recommendation of the cabinet - is proof of this. [/su_highlight] Learning Japanese - Emperor of Japan Can the visit of the emperor, holding a non executive head of state position, impact economic ties? In this case, yes it can & that’s the precedence set. Also India regards this visit as a historic milestone & has accorded it the highest level of diplomatic significance possible.[su_frame] Its noteworthy that the Emperor last visited India - as the crown prince- when Babu Rajendra Prasad was the president , Sarvapalli Radhakrishan the Vice President & Jawaharlal Nehru the PM![/su_frame] Japan, under the leadership of PM Shnizo Abe, is clearly using this visit to indicate their genuine interest in escalating the level of economic & trade cooperation with India. In a sense this is unprecedented. Sample this. [su_list icon="icon: check" icon_color="#61fdef"]
  • The civil nuclear cooperation negotiation is resuming
  • Bilateral currency swap of 50 Billion $
  • Possibility of introducing high speed railway
  • Delhi Mumbai Freight Corridor is progressing
  • Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor
  • Chennai Bangalore industrial corridor
  • Cooperation w.r.t to counter terrorism & defence
[/su_list]This apart there is a significant interest evinced by Japanese companies in investing in Indian companies in the recent past , especially the PE & VC funds. [su_highlight background="#e9f80a"]Learning Japanese is turning out to be an excellent career option for those who are ready! The above are expected to clearly translate into significant opportunities for those who are familiar with Japanese language. Make no mistake! [/su_highlight] Team SNRC

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 Learning Japanese- Whats the JLPT Level to qualify for jobs?

Learning Japanese & Japanese language Jobs

[su_highlight background="#f7f458"]Whats the JLPT - starting - level to get into the job race![/su_highlight]

  [su_quote]"..At what JLPT Level will I be considered for a Job?.." "...Can I hope to get a job after finishing JLPT N4..." "..How long must I study before getting a Japanese language job.." [/su_quote] Good questions!  Japanese language learners- beginners- are curious to get answers for these queries. So here are the responses!! Team SNRC

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 Japanese Language Jobs!

Japanese Language Jobs.

  Lets say, 1. You are a qualified Japanese language professional (with experience or even a fresher) If you contemplate a change from your current position. OR 2. You are a hiring manager looking to hire Japanese language bilinguals for your company. YOU NEED A SPECIALIST ..Not a general recruiting agency. Not convinced?? Check this out http://www.japaneselanguagejobs.com/ Team SNRC

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 Learning Japanese – A fresher’s perspective!

learn japaneseLearn Japanese! – We have always emphasized on the need to Learn Japanese in a “well rounded manner” apart from just the classes. This is important to ensure that the learning stays! When it comes to classes the Japanese learning environment needs to be flexible, encouraging & committed, in terms of its overall presence & specifically the teachers.

As a fresher to Japanese one needs to get exposure to a total “Japanese environment”. The Japanese language  institution must have a good library to encourage the avid learners to explore more. We need to make the learning of Kanji’s as interesting as possible. New learners would have inhibitions in “trying out” their language. What better option than actually interacting with natives! The above is not a wish list of attributes of a desirable Japanese language institute! This is about Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center. It’s a reflection of our ability to adapt & fine tune Japanese learning for Indians, which is very crucial to a successful learning process. Not convinced?? Hear it from two very young (click on the respective hyperlinks below) , energetic students whose professional qualifications are as diverse as an MBA (Ms Varuni) & Biotechnology (Ms Deepika)! Call us for further details. 080 23464677 Email - info@snrc.co.in Team SNRC

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 New JLPT N5 (meant for freshers) Week End Batch @ Koramangala

Learning Japanese

[caption id="attachment_3" align="alignleft" width="110"]Learn Japanese Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre[/caption]

Another opportunity to learn Japanese - for freshers!

Next week end batch starting at the Koramangala delivery center for our JLPT N5 program on the 14th Jul. For further details pls get in touch with Ms Rama 080 23464677. SAM

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