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Learning Japanese – JLPT EXAM TIPS!


learn japaneseLEVELS N3/N2/N1

The last test is to clear the JLPT exams, which is round the corner! Clearing JLPT exam means great preparation, a ton of diligent work & practice. As far as the exams are concerned, it would be very helpful to have some valuable tips from the masters. Such tips have made the difference between success & failure in many cases. Here we  have Matsumoto  Sensei of Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center offering his best tips for the JLPT exams N1-N2-N3 Levels.

For Level N2...more tips from Rui Sensei!


For those appearing for the JLPT N4 & N3 levels, we have more tips ! Check out Rui Sensei & Tateishi Sensei of Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center offering their best tips here.

Warm wishes from Sakuraa for the JLPT examination!


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 HAYACHINE KAGURA – Event in Bengaluru !


Supported by Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre

Japanese Folk Traditional Performing Art

learning Japanese   To get a quick understanding...... Broadly speaking, Hayachine Kagura,  is similar to our very own Yakshagana. Its is believed to have originated in the 12th Century AD, in the central zone of Iwate Prefecture North-east Japan, about 600 KMs from Tokyo. Kagura roughly translates to "divine entertainment". Mt. Hayachine is sacred and revered by locals. There is small spring at the peak of this sacred mountain. Like with most rivers originating from a mountain, the spring develops into a stream, meanders through forests, builds up volume & speed to reach the fields in the plains. Local legend has it that fairy "Yakusha" becomes the stream. As a gesture of thanksgiving for good harvests & also to ensure well being in the future, locals worship Hayachine Mountain by way of Kagura Performance every year on the same day. There are similarities between Hayachine Kagura & Yakshagana.
  • Dance Drama: Music, Dancing and Singing Narratives. There are episodes in Hayachine Kagura, Founding Mythologies of Japan, local legend and The Origin Story of The Shinto Temple. These are similar to our own, revered Mahabharata, Ramayana and Prana in Yakshagana.
  • Hayachine Kagura is a touring performing arts. The troupe visits villages & local area around Mt. Hayachine between November & the following March.
  • The stage size. Yakshagana’s stage space is about 10 Sqft and that of Hayachine’s is about 19.5 Sqft.
Hayachine Kagura Awards: - Japanese National Intangible Cultural Heritage 1976. - World Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO 2010. DON'T MISS this rare opportunity to get an insight into Japanese Yakshagana. Its FREE!

Venue: Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore Date: 21st Nov 2014 Time: 7 to 8:30 PM


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 Learning Japanese – Can it be an interesting process?

learn japanese
learn japanese Learning Japanese is a very exciting & interesting process. That is how it should be! Japanese language lends itself to many perception challenges, especially to beginners. This could get further reinforced if the teaching methodology is not creative. It’s the responsibility of the Japanese language teacher to create an abiding interest in the language. That’s the only way learning Japanese will be interesting! At Sakuraa we continuously work on our teaching methodology to ensure that the focus is on making the learning experience interesting. We do this by a variety of techniques. Every student who comes to us is different.  We continuously adapt to them. Student diversity keeps us on our toes. No matter what we claim, the ultimate proof of our ability lies in what our students think of us! So here is yet another interesting case. Watch Sunil’s Japanese learning experience at  Sakuraa. Listen carefully to his perception challenge as he started out learning Japanese, the help he received in utilizing the Nihonjin Sensei's skills etc. Mastery over Kanji’s is an integral part of learning Japanese. Sunil finds the Kanji learning process at Sakuraa very helpful. The grammar practice & story telling sessions at Sakuraa have only helped him build his confidence in the Japanese language. You could learn Japanese too! Call us for additional details. 080- 23464677 or Email us - info@snrc.o.in

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 Learn Japanese – Skill in Kannada will help learn Japanese better.

1st Nov 2014: learn japaneseKannada Rajyothsavada Shubashaigalu! Many of us admire Kannada, for all the right reason! Today is a day to reflect on that yet again. At this juncture how would it be if one could put ones’ Kannada knowledge to good effect in building a good career in Japanese language? Does   it sound improbable or weird? No it is not!  Read on… Kannada , like many Indian mothers tongues, carries a grammar structure very similar to Japanese  language (unlike English). The S-O-V (Subject – Object – Verb ) structure of Kannada & Japanese is similar.  Watch this video to understand this better. So competence in Kannada can easily translate into better learning of Japanese. Surprisingly many prospective Japanese learners think that learning Japanese would need a command over English language! It goes without saying that in today’s globalized world, it certainly helps having a good control over English. However the point is that there are many who have excelled in learning Japanese despite drawbacks with their English, by leveraging their native language strengths! This actually is a very important point for prospective Japanese language learners to note. Quite frankly its doesn’t matter how good one’s English is.  One needn’t be diffident on this score. Learning Japanese can take off based on the learner’s native mother tongue strengths. Why is this important?? Many career opportunities around Japanese language skills are opening up. There is a significant demand for Japanese language skills.  Read this to  understand career opportunities, salaries etc for those with Japanese language skills.  Read this to get an idea of the Japanese job market in India.   After all nothing like hearing from a student who would fit this story above! Watch him talk about it (its in Kannada!) Done ? Like to learn Japanese? Reach us here.



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 Online Japanese @ Sakuraa – Learn Japanese in the ambience of your house!

Online Japanese Classes

[su_column size="1/1"][su_quote]How often have you left yourselves disappointed!You would like to learn Japanese, but cant see to make it.[/su_quote] [/su_column]   [caption id="attachment_3" align="alignleft" width="110"]Online Japanese at Sakuraa Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre[/caption] Week days are busy with your ever expanding routine chores. Travelling seems a nightmare anyway. Or you possibly are located in a place with no access to quality Japanese tutors. So here is a solution for you! "OJaS" - Online Japanese at Sakuraa has been designed exclusively for people like you. This gives you the comfort of learning Japanese from the leader in Japanese training , without the hassles of travelling & wasting time! So what are you waiting for ? Check this out http://www.learnjapanesewell.com/online-japanese-classes-sakuraa.html & give us a call right away.



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