Learning Japanese – How relevant is it to our graduates? What salary can one expect??

Learning Japanese – For Graduates?

In the previous blog (4th Jul 2013), we saw that learning Japanese has compulsions grounded in career opportunities. Why else would schools boards such as CBSE introduce (very basic Japanese) at school level!

Now lets get a little specific.

Learning Japanese – How is it relevant to our graduates?

  1. What exactly are these opportunities?
  2. Learning Japanese – What’s in it for home makers ?
  3. Higher studies?

So lets consider taking them one by one & analyze them.

Learning Japanese – What salary can one expect??

 There is typically science, arts, medicine, engineering, legal,  business administration & teaching streams. Though there are others, these typically are what one would call as the formal mainstream.

The first and the most important point to note is that, learning Japanese & acquiring good skills in the language is complimentary to these programs. ThLearn Japaneseus learning Japanese reinforces & substantially opens up new avenues for our graduates.

So lets say you are a plain, non professional stream, graduate..what are your career options in terms of jobs? Civil services, “Sarkaari Naukri”, BPO, Sales etc.  To make it a little complex, lets say that you are graduate in a “non English medium” stream (would you be reading this :{ ) or you are at a PUC/ (+2) level & could not pursue further studies. Honestly there aren’t many compelling job options other than clerical stuff. By the way I don’t mean to demean clerical jobs. Any set up needs dedicated & competent clerical cadre to excel overall as an entity. My point is about those who got into it out of compulsion.

I am excluding civil services. As regards BPO, well..its fine.. but it does not leave you , over a period of time, with any professional skills that you can “keep” as yours & leverage. If! That’s assuming that you have a natural flair for sales & you have not taken to sales as a last resort.

Today, opportunities that come by learning Japanese language are staring at those who have the burning desire to excel, but some how got trapped into, what I described as, clerical roles for whatever reason. Job options ,with a good Japanese skills, for such individuals are many. They could choose amongst the following (typically).

  1. Japanese language Trainer
  2. Japanese language Interpreter
  3. Japanese language Translator

To this, domain specific skill will only enhance the value.

In terms of a permanent job, a typical starting salary for a regular graduate with a good Japanese skill would be upwards of Rs 23,000/= PM. Remember, this is just the starting rate for a graduate with a non professional degree! Compare this with the usual job options that a graduates get. Factor in the strong insurance that learning Japanese gives provides for your future. It would be crystal clear that learning Japanese is such a fantastic thing that you can do to add zing (masala i.e.!) to your job opportunity.

A word for those who are not from English medium. They are worried about their English skills & therefore have this big worry about learning Japanese. Welcome to Japanese! In our many years of Japanese language training we have figured out that there is such a strong similarity between Indian mother tongues & Japanese. Thus many students who have learnt Japanese & who came from rural and non English medium environment truly excelled. Some went onsite to Japan very quickly. You may want to also watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1lYmY7pbrc  on the similarity in the structure of Japanese & Kannada, just as a sample! So not knowing English is no big deal!

Indians have a great advantage when it comes to learning Japanese..so what are you waiting for !!!??

In then next blog we will address what these opportunities are and also dwell on the superb opportunities for home makers.

Best Wishes


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