Learning Japanese – for our “Home Makers”.

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Learning Japanese will nicely fit into the “desirable plan” that I was referring to in the previous post.

Learn Japanese translation

Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre

Lets start with some one who has no knowledge of Japanese. The objective would be to  get certified by Japan Foundation, since this certification is a reasonable metric (as thing stand today) to come to some conclusion on one’s Japanese language skill. Also it’s a common yardstick across the world & so it’s a good qualification to have. Check this link Learning Japanese – Japan foundation certification levels

Entry level being N5 & the highest being N1. The objective must be to get to N3 asap. This could be split into N5, N4 & then N3. The exam is conducted once a year in Bangalore (Dec) & twice in Chennai (Jul & Dec) apart from other places in India & across the globe. So in about  a year’s time and with about, say, 500 hours of preparation (split across the three levels) one could take the N3 exams confidently. So that’s about ten hours a week! If you do more, that much better. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary- Vince Lombardi”. Its my reasonable belief that our home makers can spare 10-15 hours a week for say a year & with commitment & dedication, carve a fantastic career for themselves.!

N3 skills open up opportunities in terms of Japanese language training, translation & interpretation. Which of these will specifically suit a person, depends on their flair & ability. Obviously like all professions, one doesn’t become an expert with just the qualification. Experience & apprenticeship are necessary.

So this would be a great plan to pursue a career & also balance out one household!

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In the meanwhile watch these home makers who have made it Learning Japanese!

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