Japanese Business Conversation Skills..Can You?

Japanese Business Conversation Challenges!

Sakuraa Wishes Everyone a Very Peaceful & Prosperous 2015!

On the job demands are very different from the skills acquired studying for JLPT Exams!

Will your Japanese Skills cross these hurdles at work?

  • You need to attend conference calls / meetings.
  • Make an extempore presentation.
  • Send reports to senior managers in Japanese (must use humble & respectful language)  using Ukemi,sonkeigo-kenjogo.
  • Manage Telephone etiquettes.
  • Clarify conversational aspects that you could not check with your colleague / superior!

If you are unsure, don’t hesitate. This is your best chance to learn from a native tutor.

We are happy to offer to you, the experience of  Matsumoto Sensei , a seasoned & widely sought after Japanese teacher.

Program Details:

  • Business conversation skills
  • 50 hours
  • Weekend Program
  • Starting on 18th Jan 2015


  • Candidate must be JLPT N3 & above OR JLPT N4 with good experience in a Japanese work environment.

For further details pls call Ms Rama @ 8904390300 OR 080-23464677