Time To Choose A Lucrative Career Path!

No this is not one of those persuasions to push a college program to a +2 pass out!

LEARNING JAPANESEThis article is based on solid evidence & goes to prove how learning Japanese is increasingly being adopted as a main stream & lucrative career. If you are at  cross roads of deciding on a “non mainstream career” (viz, outside of engg, law, medicine etc), here is some solid fodder! Learning Japanese involves getting certified by Japan foundation across five levels. These levels start from JLPT N5 (entry) to JLPT N1 (highest). It is instructive to remember that in India most of the Japanese related job opportunities start at the JLPT N3 level. With an JLPT N2 certification things begin to further look attractive in terms of role, designation & of course (Rs) !learning japaneseAn analysis of Japanese CVs# reveal some very interesting data. The table below provides a brief analysis
Streams % Across all JLPT Levels % of L3* & N3 % of L2* & N2
ARTS & COMMERCE (Includes BBA & MBA) 54 48 54
PURE SCIENCE & COMP SC(Includes BCS & MCA) 16 22 11
ENGG 25 16 23
Others 5 14 12
*L3 & L2 were part of the previous level classification given by Japan Foundation. For this analysis they have been clubbed with N3 & N2 respectively. # These CVs are part of our own bilingual database of employed candidates.
Inferences:learning japanese
  1. Over half of the candidates at the JLPT N2/L2 level are Arts & Commerce graduates.
  2. Nearly half of  the candidates at the JLPT N3/L3 level are Arts & Commerce graduates.
  • So those dithering on pursuing an Arts & Commerce graduation program should seriously consider this data.
  1. Learning Japanese is immensely benefitting Pure Science graduates too. A JLPT N3/N2 certification takes a pure science graduate to a completely different career plane.
  2. Very interesting to note that nearly a fourth of the JLPT N2 level candidates are engineers. This means learning Japanese is adding more punch to their technical careers.
Thus the obvious take away for students, especially the + 2 pass outs is this. Today there are very strong reasons to pursue non mainstream courses. Learning Japanese gives such candidates a fantastic career that has immense flexibility, opportunities & of course a lot of money.  To learn Japanese reach us  Tel  8904390300 +918023464677,  | Email: info@snrc.co.in


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