Japan Habba 2015 !

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Showcasing the Best of Japan in Bengaluru

By Express News Service |Published: 16th February 2015 06:00 AM |Last Updated: 16th February 2015 04:34 AM [caption id="attachment_1569" align="alignleft" width="300"]learn japanese Students taking part in the Indo-Japanese cultural extravaganza ‘Japan Habba’ in Bengaluru on Sunday | nagesh polali[/caption]   BENGALURU: The 10th edition of the Indo-Japanese cultural extravaganza ‘Japan Habba’ was held in the city on Sunday. In keeping with the theme ‘Uchiwa’, the Jnana Jyothi Auditorium at Central College, where the event was held, was decorated with traditional Japanese hand fans made of bamboo and paper. Students performed dance sequences based on contemporary and traditional Japanese dance forms, as well Indian dances Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam, to a cheering audience. The audience got to hear a variety of songs in Japanese, Kannada, English and Hindi, with the highlight being the Japanese singing in Kannada and Indians singing in Japanese. Some of the highlights included a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, demonstrations of origami and kirigami techniques, calligraphy, ikebana, a cosplay with anime characters and others. [su_highlight background="#edec37"]Srividhya A, chairman of the Japan Habba 2015 Organising Committee, said the essence of the day-long event was the vibrant amalgamation of two distinct cultures, opening a window to the best of both countries. Since its inception in 2005, the Habba has aimed at promoting Indo-Japanese relations and providing a platform for people to appreciate the cultural heritage of the two nations.[/su_highlight]   This year, the festival was organised in association with the Japanese Consulate Office in Bengaluru, The Japan Foundation in New Delhi, Bangalore Nihongo Kyooshi-kai (Japanese Language Teachers Association, Bengaluru), Bangalore University, Koyo Japanese Speaking Group, the Japanese Association of Bangalore and the Indo-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Karnataka).    

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 Your Chance to Beat Bill Gates!

learn japanese He is the boss of the world’s most feared software behemoth. However even he has  missed out on some very “common sensical” things to do in life. Here is your chance to get better than him! [su_highlight background="#e9f548"]“I feel pretty stupid that I don’t know any foreign languages” Bill Gates ..On his biggest regrets in life.[/su_highlight] If that is not sufficient motivation to start learning Japanese, here are some that should wake you up! We are specifically talking about learning Japanese. Learning Japanese provides the following key advantages. learning japanese1. In the current Indian context, learning Japanese is a fantastic career option. Apart from the fact that it is remunerative, it is also very satisfying. If you are nursing regrets of not having been able to take up a professional course, don’t miss this one. Important aspects like why should one learn Japanese, what career options exist , what salary can one expect have been discussed in great detail in our blogs. Please refer to these posts. learn japanese 2. Learning Japanese immensely benefits your brain. Research has proven that learning a foreign language (in this case Japanese!) strengthens & makes it robust. More on that in our next blog. So if you had such a unique opportunity that pushes you ahead of Bill Gates & also gives you the benefits listed above, why would you miss it? As you plan to learn Japanese, check out the benefits that  Sakuraa would provide you by way of Sakuraa Seven!  Go ahead & start learning Japanese!

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