HAYACHINE KAGURA – Event Photographs!


Supported by Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre

Japanese Folk Traditional Performing Art

Sakuraa Thanks everyone who attended the program & made it a grand success. Here are some photographs for you to reminisce!   [gallery ids="1487,1497,1496,1495,1494,1493,1488,1489,1490,1491,1492,1486,1485,1484" orderby="rand"]


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 JLPT Exam Tips Levels N4/N3/N2/N1!

Learning Japanese – JLPT EXAM TIPS!


learn japaneseLEVELS N3/N2/N1

The last test is to clear the JLPT exams, which is round the corner! Clearing JLPT exam means great preparation, a ton of diligent work & practice. As far as the exams are concerned, it would be very helpful to have some valuable tips from the masters. Such tips have made the difference between success & failure in many cases. Here we  have Matsumoto  Sensei of Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center offering his best tips for the JLPT exams N1-N2-N3 Levels.

For Level N2...more tips from Rui Sensei!


For those appearing for the JLPT N4 & N3 levels, we have more tips ! Check out Rui Sensei & Tateishi Sensei of Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Center offering their best tips here.

Warm wishes from Sakuraa for the JLPT examination!


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