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[embed width="280" height="300"][/embed] [su_quote]Don’t have the time for regular Japanese classes, but want some quick & free introduction?[/su_quote] How about learning basic Japanese greetings, self introduction, phrases etc ..[su_highlight background="#eee53d"]all free[/su_highlight]? [su_list icon="icon: hand-o-right" icon_color="#3ee8e5"]
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 Japanese Emperor’s Visit – What does it mean to Japanese learners?

Learning Japanese & Japanese Job Opportunities

[caption id="attachment_3" align="alignleft" width="110"]Learn Japanese translation Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre[/caption] We have repeatedly emphasized that Learning Japanese can be an excellent career option. Please check out the archives of Jul, Aug & October. Here is some great news which further reinforces our view & significantly opens up opportunities for Japanese skilled personnel. The level of economic cooperation between the our two countries is clearly on the rise. [su_highlight background="#fdf914"]The recent visit of Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko - at the recommendation of the cabinet - is proof of this. [/su_highlight] Learning Japanese - Emperor of Japan Can the visit of the emperor, holding a non executive head of state position, impact economic ties? In this case, yes it can & that’s the precedence set. Also India regards this visit as a historic milestone & has accorded it the highest level of diplomatic significance possible.[su_frame] Its noteworthy that the Emperor last visited India - as the crown prince- when Babu Rajendra Prasad was the president , Sarvapalli Radhakrishan the Vice President & Jawaharlal Nehru the PM![/su_frame] Japan, under the leadership of PM Shnizo Abe, is clearly using this visit to indicate their genuine interest in escalating the level of economic & trade cooperation with India. In a sense this is unprecedented. Sample this. [su_list icon="icon: check" icon_color="#61fdef"]
  • The civil nuclear cooperation negotiation is resuming
  • Bilateral currency swap of 50 Billion $
  • Possibility of introducing high speed railway
  • Delhi Mumbai Freight Corridor is progressing
  • Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor
  • Chennai Bangalore industrial corridor
  • Cooperation w.r.t to counter terrorism & defence
[/su_list]This apart there is a significant interest evinced by Japanese companies in investing in Indian companies in the recent past , especially the PE & VC funds. [su_highlight background="#e9f80a"]Learning Japanese is turning out to be an excellent career option for those who are ready! The above are expected to clearly translate into significant opportunities for those who are familiar with Japanese language. Make no mistake! [/su_highlight] Team SNRC

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 Learning Japanese- Whats the JLPT Level to qualify for jobs?

Learning Japanese & Japanese language Jobs

[su_highlight background="#f7f458"]Whats the JLPT - starting - level to get into the job race![/su_highlight]

  [su_quote]"..At what JLPT Level will I be considered for a Job?.." "...Can I hope to get a job after finishing JLPT N4..." "..How long must I study before getting a Japanese language job.." [/su_quote] Good questions!  Japanese language learners- beginners- are curious to get answers for these queries. So here are the responses!! Team SNRC

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