Career in Foreign languages

A career in foreign language is an attractive proposition, for those who are fluent in the foreign language. Our trade links are expanding overseas so the requirement for people with skills in language is increasing. Skills in foreign languages like French, German, Russian, Chinese and more recently Japanese, Spanish and Korean are in great demand. Opportunities start from online content writers, technical translators or decoders, translation, interpretation and working in the tourism industry. Learning a foreign language also opens up a wide range of career options in the Media, Tourism, Translations, Consulates etc. It also increases the opportunity of a career abroad. The popularity of knowing a foreign language is growing. Interpreters need a thorough knowledge of the language, because they have to transfer spoken statements from one language to another, where as translators have to translate written documents, which needs excellent writing skills in languages. SNRC is one of the most popular in the Japanese language field.SNRC is offering Japanese language,Japanese language services,JLPT training...please visit us for more details

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